What is Engineered Hardwood Flooring? Marine-contra Parquets

What is Engineered Hardwood Flooring? Engineered hardwood flooring is a kind of parquet that is widely used nowadays, which is produced from various trees, allowing the tree to be applied to the ground using a specific technology and used for protecting the form for many years without deterioration.

We cut the trees that are used in the production of engineered hardwood flooring, first as logs, then we peel the crust of the tree and divide it into sections with specific measures. Then the trees to be used in the upper layer; these are usually precious woods such as oak, walnut, sapele, iroko, and merbau, which are separated by about 4 mm. in thickness and made ready to join the lower layer.

The trees used in the lower layer are also very diverse. The main factor determining the longevity of engineered hardwood flooring is parquet’s lower layer. As Ligno Parquet, we use the Okoume tree, an African tree in the lower layers of engineered hardwood flooring. This tree is the most suitable and best quality wood species for engineered hardwood flooring with its porous and hard structure, resistance to heat changes and resistance to moisture. The multi-layered marine-contra base we use in the lower layer is pasted to the upper layer and passed to the next stage. At this stage, channels that are opened on the side of engineered hardwood flooring of the product and keep it fixed on the ground. In the next stage, the engineered hardwood flooring are packed through various stages such as calibrating, surfacing, painting, lacquering, and the use becomes ready.